Spritz Essentials Box


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If you want the full Spritz essentials experience, then our Spritz Essentials gift box is for you. You can purchase this gift box for you or gift a loved one.

Our box features;

  1. Spritz  Mist Bottle to infuse your hair crown with moisture and rehydrate dull curls.
  2. Avocado oil to moisturize/seal in moisture ,
  3. A Scalp Hair growth oil to stimulate your scalp to promote thicker and fuller hair
  4. A satin bonnet to preserve your curls at night 
  5. An Afro pick to lift your curls to glorious heights. 

Here’s to moisturized, curly ,coily , kinky and beautifully healthy crowns

Suitable for all hair types

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  1. Spritz Mist Bottle
  2. Avocado Oil
  3. Scalp Hair growth oil
  4. Satin bonnet
  5. Afro pick
Mist Bottle

White, Black

Satin bonnet

Black, Champagne/nude, Burgundy, Royal blue, Turquoise, Chocolate brown

Avocado oil


Afro pick


Scalp hair growth oil