Silky Wavy Braids -Dusty Pink


Make your barbie dreams come true with our lush dusty pink french curls

Get ready to turn heads while serving the lightest knotless braids ever that will level up your protective styling. This hair is unmatched and is of premium quality. Spritz specially crafted silky wavy braids hair is designed to offer you an effortlessly silky smooth finish for a timeless look.

  • Silky texture and extremely lightweight
  • Bouncy and smooth
  • 22 inches and 16 inches
  • 150g per pack
  • 4-6 packs recommended for a full look
  • Colors available are Jet black (1b), Blonde(27), Golden blonde (24), Chocolate (30), Dark Brown (33), Chocolate highlights (T30), Chocolate blonde(M30/27), Honey blonde( M33/27), Platinum blonde (M27/613), Cherry Wine (Tbug), Greytone(Tgrey), Chocolate brown (B29)
  • Dreamy Caramel (C14),  Butterscotch (OT4/30) , Ginger (350), Pure Blonde (613) and Ginger Black (1/350) ,Barbie pink,cotton candy & Dusty pink.
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22", 16"